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Mediation, not Litigation

Divorce is painful, emotional, and expensive process. The issues to be decided in most
contested divorces include the division of assets and debts, alimony, timesharing with children,
child support, division of businesses, injunctions for domestic violence, and other issues.
In a typical contested dissolution of all these issues, and the future fate of you and your family,
are turned over to a judge, whom you don’t know, to decided. This process can take years and
tens of thousands of dollars, if not more, to complete.

Mediation is voluntary process that keeps you in control of you and your families’ future.
Through the process of mediation you negotiate an agreement resolving all of the issues in your
divorce. Your agreement will likely save you years of litigation and the costs associated with it.
Mediation will help you move past the divorce, and help you get on with your new life.
I am a Family Law Mediator, certified by the Florida Supreme Court. I have been a mediator for
20 years, and a family lawyer for twice that long. I welcome the opportunity to be your
mediator, and to help you resolve your divorce out of court.

David Dugan and I are joining together to provide mediation services. David Recently retired as
a Circuit Judge, and he has gained certification as a Circuit Civil Mediator, certified by the
Florida Supreme Court. David will be providing circuit civil mediation serv


You may contact David by clicking here:

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