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Family law cases are often emotionally driven and as a result, the truth can be difficult for clients to hear. As difficult as that might be- clients not only deserve, but must hear the truth.  We are fully committed in offering our clients:

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Divorces are extremely difficult for all involved. They can result in protracted court battles, sky high legal bills, years of litigation and eternal hard feelings between ex-spouses. THERE ARE BETTER OPTIONS. Even highly agitated couples can reach financial settlements, parenting plans, and other resolutions for their families without the emotional and financial cost of highly contested litigation.
Contested dissolution of marriage actions occur when parties are unable to resolve their legal issues amicably. This would include not only dissolution of marriage actions, but modifications of Final Judgments, paternity actions, contempt actions and Injunctions for Protection as well. Contested divorces can consist of many aspects of a marriage including but not limited to timesharing, child support, alimony, division of property, division of corporate assets, and other aspects of marriages that have to be resolved by the court if the parties cannot agree.
Paternity is the legal establishment of the child’s father. It is a common belief that if a man’s name is on the child’s birth certificate, that establishes him as the father of the child. However, until the Court enters a judgment of paternity, or similar order, the father has no legal rights and the mother cannot obtain child support from the father. A Petition for Paternity must be filed. The petition may be filed by either parent. Normally one parent is seeking child support and the other is seeking timeshareing with the child.
After the Court has entered a final judgment, whether it be divorce or paternity, the parties have a right to seek a modification of the judgment or order. However, in order to do so there must be substantial change in circumstances. The court is always open to modify child support if there has been a substantial change in the parties income, either up or down, and timesharing if there has been a substantial change in circumstances that would require the court to modify timesharing between the parties. The easiest of the modifications is for child support. In Florida we have child support guidelines and child support is based on the income of the parties. Modifying timesharing is much more difficult and you have to show that it is in the child’s best interest to have the timesharing modified. However, if the facts are right, the court will certainly modify timesharing agreements. The Court cannot modify the distribution of property that was determined to be fair and equitable in the final judgment unless there was fraud or other extraordinary circumstances.
The law firm provide mediators to those utilizing our mediation services. Currently there are numerous law firms that use our law firm as there number one pick for mediators. WE also provide mediation services for people that do not have attorneys and want to work out their differences amicably prior to filing for divorce.
Legal Service to those clients wishing to be involved in a collaborative dissolution of marriage. The firm provides the professionals that are needed in order to accommodate their financial, child time sharing, and emotional needs in addition to other legal services.

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